Which organizations does Tulsa Quilts for Kids associate with? Print

Tulsa Quilts for Kids is a community project to provide comforting quilts to critically ill, abused, abandoned and/or neglected children of Tulsa and surrounding communities with distributions gifted to organizations such as the Child Abuse Network.
The Child Abuse Network (CAN) exists to reduce the trauma that a child abuse investigation can pose for the child. For an abused child, adjusting to life after abuse is difficult.
CAN helps begin the healing.
Tulsa Quilts for Kids also works with The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis.
At The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis, kids come first. Here children and parents find physicians and staff specially trained to treat kids - not like tiny adults - but as special patients with their own needs and concerns. 

 Link   CAN Child Abuse Network

 Link   The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis

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